working in kl

where the train and ramp network is laughable in every respect:  the frequency,  punctuality, security and coverage. it would be still ok if this city was more walking friendly. but no it seems like it is built only for cars, with new flyovers and highways. so buy a car? the unfortunate coincidence is that malaysia is also famous for its unreasonably high car tax. despite our sad salary scale and weak currency we conform and succumb-- buy a proton and you win, with a small compormise (a huge chunk off of your salary). nontheless problem solved!

the only problem now is that you will get more of these posts from now on as i have loads of newfound free time, courtesy of being stuck in a traffic jam all the fucking time.

the account above is fictional-- i didnt really buy a proton. not yet anyway.



shouting out to any of you who has seen breaking bad season 3 episode 3:

spoiler alert


fuck you skylar you fucking whore bitch whore bitch whore FUCKER!


im sorry it (this blog) has come to this but i had to get that off my chest and i dont know anyone who has watched.


as you were.


have you met her?

Nothing attracts me more than a confident woman. ROAR!



"Engineering - this is where the semi-skilled workers realize the work of better minds. Hello, Oompah-Loompahs of science."

Sheldon Cooper, The Big Bang Theory


fevernut vs DODO

Please watch it in HD if you can. You might want to let it load fully before watching it.

Thanks for watching!


others take snapshots

stripped down to my boxer shorts, with a snow cap worn as if it was a french hat, im in my little room getting my little head around mobius transformations over a cup of tea. life is wonderful.

good luck in your exams.


the colours of my backyard

Spring is here and now, its as if someone painted my window. with a mountain of work to get through, i seem to spend my time on everything else except work. knees and elbows on the green grass and the sun on my back, this is for you!






Take care everyone!